I went to the Tree Circle where I had last met with the Kith of the Earthen Star for the Blue Moon Ritual as I really felt the need to mark the passing into a new season very strongly.

I did the normal steps of clearing the space, cleansing , cast a circle, called the quarters, etc.  I gave thanks for past wishes granted and for the bounty of harvest which seemed appropriate for this time of year. In particular I thought of Autumnus and Pan and acknowledged those who's names were yet unknown to me. I eat and drank the libations and closed up shop as it were.

About 30 seconds into my short walk back to the car as I sang a fitting walking song, lantern in hand, and a feeling on contentment in my heart the most impressive roll of thunder cam from they skys! The clouds darkened but did not break and there was no breeze. I took this as a sign that my ritual had been seen.

Later that week I found a very important lost Pentagram necklace which I feel was returned to me as a gift for my efforts.

Happy Autumnal Equinox everyone! :)

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